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Question: I am trying to conceive past 7 months but in vain. I already have a 6 yrs old baby. Conceived for the first time at the very first attempt. But dnt knw whats the issue this time. Have done blood tests, sono, etc all r normal. Physical evaluation also. Also taking folic acid. Trying always twice thrice during my fertility period but no use. Moreover having stomach pains nausea drowsiness etc after every fertility cycle. Not having proper bleeding too during menstruations. Massive weight loss. Please help.

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Answer: Hi Dear! when you say that you are having a major weight loss plus your feeling nauseated of vomiting after almost every for cloud period it is not really normal massive weight loss without any reason is not possible I am not sure what are the blood work that you have done but I would suggest you to please consult your gynecologist and take the blood tests which are required to do to detect as to why is the major weight loss now second of all the pregnancy that you are trying for the second time maybe you have been lucky enough that you have been able to conceive in the very first attempt for the first pregnancy but it is not always the same 6 to 7 months is the minimum time period that it takes to conceive a baby normally hence I would suggest you to please keep trying but your blood work is very important and the reason for Major weight loss needs to be detected as soon as possible.. Hope you feel better soon!
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    Karishma Modi33 days ago

    For weight loss i had thyroid test and have beeb given lowest power medicine too. Inutially itvworked and i used tovfeel hungry. But now agn evn after taking medicine m not hungry at all.

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