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Question: I am trying to concieve...Before the last month my period cycle was normal...It was 30days cycle...But last month suddenly it extended to 47days...Now its been 1 month again and there is still no sign of having period...What to do? I

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Answer: Plz do urine test first...obv first morning
Answer: Consult to gynoculogist
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Question: Can i take cough syrup while trying to concieve..its my 19th day today of cycle..i have been trying to concieve since last 4 months..kindly help
Answer: Hi! Yes u can hv cough syrup it wont harm but you can try the below too they r very active; *Dry ginger helps little. A small pinch of dry ginger powder with some jaggery, boil well and drink like tea. *Green tulsi tea also helps. *You can keep a small cinnamon in mouth, its safe and works well in cough. *Biting clove is also useful. *Honey lemon and ginger tea also is good. Hope this helps!
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Question: I already missed 1., now trying to concieve ....... My last periods date was 73 june
Answer: Ok dear all the best. My best wishes with you take care
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Question: Hii My last period was on July 15th, till now I didn't get periods, my menstrual cycle was 30days.. is it safe to do intercourse in this time?
Answer: Hi dear have you checked if you are pregnant or not. You should use a test kit tomorrow morning and find out if you are pregnant or not. If you are not it will be safe for you to do an intercourse. But if you are pregnant then it is better to avoid in the beginning
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Question: My last period was December 3rd. Still i didn't get my period. My period are 28-30days cycle .i am confused i am pregnant or not
Answer: Buy a pregnancy kit and check with morning first urine.. Baby dust
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