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Question: I am trying get pregnant from 2 years.. and I am consulting doctor also... this month 13th day follicle study says there is dominant follicle in left ovary sized 16mm what it means is there any chance of getting pregnant???

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Answer: hello dear so if it's been two years that is a very long time and I seriously can understand what pressure and emotions you must be going through so your follicle study at 13th day is good also if you are unable to get pregnant due with natural procedure try to get IUI done that will really help you get pregnant soon but in any case consult with doctor because knowing report she can tell you better what procedure would be good for you to get pregnant..
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Question: Today is my 10 day ...i hve follicular follicle size is 16mm on right n 8 mm on left...its that ok
Answer: Dear after maturity of egg upto 20 mm your doctor will givr you injection to rapture the egg and then to be fertile. Its is absolutely okky.
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Question: Right ovary :4.7*2.8 cms,left ovaru:3.3*2.1 cms and also RT Ovary Follicle 26*19mm,LT Ovary follicle 10*8 mm and E.M thickness 22mm.There is a chance to get pregnancy.please suggest me your answer.
Answer: Folicle has grown above 25 and still have not ruptured What is your lmp date. Please key in tour lmp dates. You might bleed soon.
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Question: i am not getting pregnant trying from last 8 months. i am contact with doctor taking fabova medicine from D2-D6 day from last 3 months. Follicle monitoring also done. egg size is good and every thing is normal. still not getting pregnant today is D9. Kindly suggest so the chance of pregnancy this time can get increase.
Answer: Have u both i.e ur spouse and urself done testing? R ur tubes open and other tests such as usg normal? It typically takes 1 yr for any couple to conceive. If ur over 35 yrs then try for 6 months and still if not conceived then consult good fertility specialist. I hv good experience vt indira ivf.
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