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Question: I am trying for baby , but I have PCOD an fibroid, is any possibility for normal pregnancy

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Answer: PCOS have same problem of irregular periods,weight gain. It's a lifestyle health issue and not a disease. So hence Lifestyle need to be changed. No junk food, high sugar consumption is not allowed as in PCOS insulin resistance and whatsoever we eat everything turn into sugar,so consumption of sweet, drinks with high sugar, fatty, maida based food is restricted, try to consume multi grain or millet rotis instead of wheat rotis, rice,pasta,maida avoid, junk food avoid. Add -30 min of exercise everyday be it walk,dance, swimming. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Have dinner early ( one of biggest reason for weight gain late & heavy dinner). Do take vitamin D & folic acid, sit in sun atleast for 10-15 min, flaxseed with luck warm water mrng & night. Increase protein intake. Take lot of water & laugh. Stress is one of reason for hormonal imbalance which leads to PCOS, thyroid.
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    Sujatha Deenadhayalan627 days ago


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Question: I have uterine fibroid size is 3 cms . Trying for baby but no positive result and sperm is coming out immediately this fibroid is any problem for me
Answer: Hi dear, Few percentage of women with fibroids have successful pregnancy.many complain of abdominal pain and bleeding .fibroids usually flare up or increase in size during pregnancy due to the hormones.i the fibroid is growing in the utrine cavity,it could effect the process of implantation and also disrupt the formation of placenta.your doctor needs to keep monitoring the growth of fibroids thorough scan.though the treatment offered are quite safe during pregnancy,but chances of miscarriages are high in the initial stages of pregnancy. Post intercourse the semen comes out during ejaculation.and the million sperms in semen travel or swim through the vagina to uterus to ovary or fallopian tube to fertilize with egg.usually out of million sperms that spills out of your vagina,some manage to swim through.to increase the chances of fertilization,you must raise your bottom by placing pillows underneath for 5 minutes.due to gravity the semen keeps seeping out.
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Question: I hv pcod and dr has given meds to reduce my lh hormone but its an birth contol pill. but i m trying for pregnancy. is there any option that even with high lh i can hv normal pregnancy
Answer: Its better to control your pcod first..to increase the chancea of pregnacy
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Question: I have pcod and fibroid also
Answer: Dear woth proper doctor guidance and control weight you can enjoy a healthy pregnancy . But do consult with a gynaecologist first..
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Question: I have fibroid complicated pregnancy is this danger for baby
Answer: The best person to answer this is your Doctor. It depends on cases. I had also big fibroid at the wall of uterus. My doctor suggested me to operate it before planing the baby.
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