20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am traveling in train for 10 hrs and speed of train move is faster during sleeping.it wont effect my baby na

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Answer: As long as there are no identified complications or concerns with your pregnancy, it is generally safe to travel at all times during your pregnancy. The ideal time to travel during pregnancy is the second trimester. In most cases, you are past the morning sickness of the first trimester and several weeks from the third stage of pregnancy when you are more easily fatigued. Well, the golden rule is that since every pregnancy is unique; consult your doctor before making this decision. Only the doctor alone knows how much at risk you and your baby are and what mode of travel during pregnancy will suit you the best.
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Question: Hello, I am pregnant and I have a tour plan in October which is during my 5 month pregnancy. Is it safe to travel by train for 28 hrs and in car for 3 hrs.? After that i shall take rest for 7 days there and then I have to return by traveling the same. Is it safe for my baby??
Answer: Hello it is absolutely safe to travel during second trimester of your pregnancy...if you have a medical condition or have had any pregnancy complications you should discuss it with your doctor.. Carry all your medicines and sufficient home cooked stuff, so that you don't have to rely on outside food. Also, carry a sanitizer.. Sufficient tissue papers, as you will have to use local washrooms, when you are travelling.. Take proper care of hygiene..
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Question: It is my 16 week can i go for a journey of 9 to 10 hrs. Of traveling.
Answer: 16th week means 2nd trimester. You can travel in your second trimester. This is the safest trimester to travel during pregnancy if your pregnancy has no complications. But 9-10 hours is actually a long time it's better to travel by flight or ask your doctor regarding this. And if it is not that important better to avoid...take care
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Question: Hi...is it safe to traveling by train during 8 month of pregnancy....my Dr..says u can travel by train..7 hrs journey h by train ...
Answer: firstly we should avoid any kind of travel if there are complications in pregnancy. But if everything is normal, then it's ok to travel.
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