13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am three week pregnant right now I saw blood like thread through urine is there any serious problem

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Answer: Any bleeding in pregnancy is need to be evaluated. However there may be slight spotting in some patients and it should always be shown to your gynecologist, She will see you and advice an ultrasound which will tell the present situation.
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    Gaurav Srivastava640 days ago

    Thanks doctor

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Question: I am 5 week pregnant but today I saw some blood flow like periods is there any problem
Answer: Hllo dear u r 5 weeks pregnant dear Dear when fertilize egg implants to border line of uterus then 20 to 25 %women s have bleeding or spotting in early pregnancy. Nothing to worry abht .consult ur gyno nd take medicine which she prescribes u ,do rest ,avoid sex,take healthy diet.
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Question: I am 39 week pregnant women . Today I saw some blood drops.. Is there any problem or normal
Answer: Hello Bleeding this far in your pregnancy can be a sign of labour. Either u have lost ur mucous plug or there z some other complication. You have to go to your doctor immidiately. Get an internal examination done to find out if your cervix is dilated or wt is the cause of bleeding.
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Question: It's been 5 months now.. today i saw small blood spot when passing urine..is there any problem??
Answer: Am problem leduu chala unte doctor ni meet avandii
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