34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am taking enoxprin enjection is it safe any side effects to baby

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Question: Hii,,,i am using colicaid drops for baby gas problem,is it safe or is it have any side effects
Answer: It is safe but it shouldn't be made a daily practice and it should be used on sos basis , like wen your baby is very cranky n uncontrollable with gas problems
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Question: My baby is 4 months old...I am taking lactare tablet for milk secretion..Will it cause any side effects
Answer: Hello... No dear, you can use lactare tablet, helps in milk production, it won't cause any side effect, because it is an Ayurvedic tablet with herbs,along with that have a nutritious diet will also be helpful
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Question: is epidural safe ?? or any side effects ?
Answer: Hello I have taken epidural myself to aid my pain and discomfort during labour. There are no signs of side effects that I see.
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