Few days old baby

Question: I am sweating more... Mine s c section n it's been 2 months now.... Wat cud b d reason???

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Answer: It is very good if u sweat more now.. It avoids getting fat after delive y... U wont put on much if u sweat at this time..
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Question: I had c section 3 months ago. Now from 2 days I am having black discharge that to very little. WT cud b d reason
Answer: brown spotting occurs within 4–6 weeks of breastfeeding, it might be old blood left in the uterus and didn’t come out while you were experiencing lochia. If it happens after 2–3 months it might mean that your periods will be back soon. Around 40% women get their periods during first year postpartum and in that 40% around 10% get it under 6 months postpartum. It’s different for each mother depending on how quickly their hormones level out and how do they breastfeed. 
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