13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am suffering from upper abdominal pain and also loose stools plz anyone help me this effects baby ha..? Plz reply

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Question: Im Suffering from cold and cough runny nose plz help
Answer: Aww poor baby..its a challenge indeed to handle babies this small in cold..well since you can really give any water or other home remedies as baby needs to be on exclusively milkfed,you can continue breast feeding to keep baby well hydrated.massage some warm mustard oil on chest and feet.this keep baby warm internally..avoid over dressing your baby..give I direct steam.helps to open nasal passages to breathe better..you can use saline nasal spray in case baby is too stuffy in nose..baby would be fine soon..dnt worey..
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Question: From last night am having loose motion whatever i am eating is passing out through stools and also am having some pain in my stomach...what does it mean?
Answer: May be it is a sign of labour. If you have regular pains, consult u r gyno
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Question: I am suffering from right side back pain can I use move? Is this normal pain?
Answer: Back pain during pregnancy is common better to use Zandublam
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