16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am suffering from sever headache what med can I take

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Answer: Hello...first of ol...u shud noe d reason of headache ..coz of high or low bp?? Migrane??? Cervical?? Work stress?? Restlessness...find out d reason...dn go with med
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Question: Hey i am suffering from cold what med shud i take
Answer: Hello dear. You'll have to consult your doctor before taking any medication during pregnancy. When you become pregnant, your immune system is likely to change. As a result of these changes, you may contract a cold or a cough at some point during your pregnancy. In addition, your illness may last longer. Place a humidifier in your room, keep your head elevated on your pillow while resting, or use nasal strips. You can take steam or even inhale eucalyptus which gives some relief. Take care.
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Question: I'm suffering from headache.. can I take any medicine?
Answer: Hi,you can take paracetamol tab as it is the safest.you can try home remedies Apply eucalyptus oil Apply thick paste of water and cinnamon and keep it for 30 mins Have ginger honey paste This will help Take care
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Question: I suffering from cough what med should i take which cough syrup is safe???
Answer: It’s probably not a pregnancy-related condition. More likely, you have a viral or bacterial infection. If you’ve been coughing for more than 3 days or if the cough is severe, then see a doctor. Do not take any medicine on your own without consulting your doctor.
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