33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am suffering from placenta previa and doctor told me it will be a c section delivery its my 32th week of pregancy ..after how many weeks it can be a safe pregancy..it we plan for c section then

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Answer: Hi. A baby is fully developed after 36 weeks of pregnancy. After 36 weeks just the babies weight gets increased. Sobif your baby has good weight you can plan for c-section anytime after 36 weeks of pregnancy. But if your babies weight is bit low you can achive proper weight till 40 weeks and then go for c-section. Totally depends on you. All the best
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Question: after c section when we make sex n how many year we will plan secnd baby
Answer: You should wait until any bleeding after the birth (lochia) has stopped, which should be by about three weeks after your baby's birth. This is because the wound left in your uterus (womb) by the placenta coming out is still healing. If you have sex before the bleeding has stopped, you may get an infection. U shud keep a gap of atlst 1-1.5yrs fr 2nd child
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Question: How many weeks after C-section delivery menses will start
Answer: Depends upon your boby..... Some women gets their periods after 3 months or some take whole year...... Due to breastfeed you can't ovulate.... Your body have high amount of prolective serum that is a harmones which is needed for beast milk production so.... When you stop breast feeding your periods may come
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Question: Doctor told me delivery will be in 38th week..is it mean to c section delivery?
Answer: hi dearif your baby is in cephalic position you will have to wait for labour pains to start but if it is in breech position it can be cesarean which means a doctor will decide when to do it take care and have a safe confinement
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