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Question: I am 15dpiui..still Negative.. What to do I am not having hope..taking duphaston from first day of iui....will get positive?

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Question: I am 7dpiui now..getting mild cramps on both side..taking duphaston for 20days from first day of iui..y getting cramps I am scared it's because of periods or pregnancy? Done iui 7days back?
Answer: Dear the cramps you are getting is normal to have when your body has conceived. So please do not worry. Hopefully if everything goes well you may get a positive test after a week. Usually these cramps happen due to uterus started expading as your fetus is inside the uterus now. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have pcos.i am taking corectia from 4th day of period and duphaston taken from 17th day of period. I had sex everyday from 10th day of period.will i get pregnancy this first month?please help me.
Answer: Hi dear, as you ate takin hormonal medicine which can help you to ovulate sothat you can get pregnant within a month but it depends upon how fertile your ovum is. So you should wait for missed period otherwise repeat the medication in next month and have sex almost everyday ( or alternate day) to increase the chances of pregnancy.
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Question: Hi.. My last period was 25sep 2018..i got ovulated on 12oct 2018..done iui on 12oct.. Taking duphaston for 20daus from first day of I am 14dpiui.. Pregnancy test is still negative...around 10dpiui and 11dpiui I got sharp pain near right uterus?why..when to take pregnancy test? When to take beta blood test?
Answer: Please wait for 2 more days then do a upt.Pain is common after taking duphaston.ask you doctor if she can change the medicine.all the best to you.
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