31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am sleeping in left side and i have leg pain while sleeping

2 Answers
Answer: Hello dear, yes leg pains and hip pains are common during this time, because of the sleeping position and hormone changes. As its always better to sleep on left side, we cant compromise on that. So in between you can change the position for few minutes on to right side. Apply heat pad over the area of pain daily Do some mild exercises or stretching. Do walking for few minutes daily if you don't have any medical issues. Tc
Answer: do massage with seasame oil
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Question: After c section I have pain in back and lower back while turning right and left side during sleeping.
Answer: Hi...Do back excercises...continue your calcium intake and have balanced healthy diet.Maintain your posture and take proper REST..Your body needs time to heal itself
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Question: When I am sleep on left side I have some pain in left leg and back it's normal
Answer: dear as you are sleeping on a particular site for longer time ,there is a chance that some nerve got pressed, that's why you are getting such pain. Take rest and for some time change your position from left to right. Taking regular massage can help. Take care.
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Question: While sleeping on left side am getting pain in stomach left side what is the reason for but while sleeping on right side no pain
Answer: It might be because f the position f the baby...don't wrry..it's normal
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