25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am running in my 26 weeks is it safe to have sex as i have intense desire of it

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Answer: yes i can have sex, but make sure there is no complications. like low lying placenta.
Answer: of course!! sex is good in second trimister.. go ahead.
Answer: yes u can.
Answer: yes u can
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Question: Sex in 26 weeks is it safe?
Answer: Hi dear, It is usually safe to have sex in pregnancy.as long as you have no complications related to pregnancy like spotting or cramps ,sex is safe.but do take your doctor's consent too.as he would know better than anyone.sometimes placental position matters too.it is not recommended to have intercourse when the placenta is low lying.so get it clarified.also use condom to avoid any other infection from your partner......
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Question: is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? why their is an increase in desire for sex?
Answer: It's the hormonal change which increases ones sexual apoetite. It's absolutely safe as long as you don't have any complications in your pregnancy like short cervix, low lying placenta or any other bleeding issue. In that case you need to consult your doctor before having sex.
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Question: Can I have sex?Is it safe as I m in 38 weeks of pregnancy
Answer: If you don't have any pregnancy complications it is safe to hv sex...untill and unless the doctor has advised to avoid sex theres is no problem in intercourse ...just be careful with your sex positions...dnt put pressure in the belly...the foetus is protected by the amniotic fluid and thick muscles of uterus....and the mucus plug in the cervical opening also prevents any infections to the baby...so relax and enjoy ur sexual life...during pregnancy it is good to have sex...
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