1 months old baby

I am really worried about my newborn baby's diaper rashes. The winter here is very harsh and I can't rely on cloth. please suggest something, the diaper rash creams don't work.

I had a same problem with my baby I have used baby Vaseline once and coconut yo cr after every change. Don't put the daiper on wet skin.make it dry and then apply Vaseline or coconut oil. Use the daipers of good quality. My baby used to have rashes with tape style and not with pant style.even you can check on the type of daipers.
Hello dear Diaper rash causes a red puffy rash around your baby's genitals, bottom and the folds of her thighs. The rash can sometimes look pimply, and may either be dry or moist. The best remedy is to keep your baby clean and dry by changing her nappy frequently. U can also apply coconut oil to the affected area.
Try applying some coconut oil.....
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Question: my baby gt very bad rashes last night..I am applying Himalaya diaper rash cream...not very effective...from tomorrow I have to travel ... please anyone suggest a remedy or rash cream?
Answer: My doctor suggested me for Soframycin skin cream when my baby got rashes so I suggest you to apply this cream it's really helpful.
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Question: please suggest a good diaper rash cream..my baby is 3 months old.. I am using Himalaya diaper rash cream.. please suggest a medicated one. its very urgent.. please reply
Answer: Hi , u can try mamaearth's diaper rash cream. It has no harmful chemicals. Its natural healing power give deep nourishment to baby's skin. I m using it on my baby.
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