8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 3 rd month pregnant now i am getting some small pain in stomach is that any problem for my baby

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Answer: Little pain is normal but if u have severe pls consult doctor ..dont take it lightly
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Question: Now I am 5 week pregnant some times I have stomach pain and leg pain is it any problem?
Answer: Don't worry it's normal only. Due to changes in the hormonal system during pregnancy the pelvic bone tends to get relax for adoption of baby growth so you will get mild pain in lower abdomen and back, due to loosening of ligaments you will get lower limbs pain. You can get rid of by proper maintaining of postures and use of hot water bag and fermentation over legs. Don't use medicine with out consultation with your gynaecologist
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Question: I am getting stomach pain mrng onwards ..is there any problem for my baby?
Answer: Hi dear... lower abdominal pain in early pregnancy is very common it is due expanding of uterus...so dont worry.. take care... if the pain is unbearble and if you notice any type of discharge immediately consult to doctor... some time lite spotting also doesnt create any problem it is called as implantation bleeding...
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Question: Hii now 3rd month started suddenly iam getting breast pain some times is that any problem ???
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. I can understand your anxiety. Body changes according to pregnancy especially breasts. They expand so some times giving cracks and liquid flow nothing to worry. You can use coconut oil or castor oil to heal it. If pain is more or you find blood you need to consult doctor. Take care
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