7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am pregnant women of almost 7th week gonna to start but I am having diarrhoea for almost 3 days till today and feel of vommiting sense but am not vommiting. I went to the doctor and she gave me tablet for diarrhoea but still it is not stopped.. anything I need to worry about this?? Please do reply me and it would be great help for me....

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Answer: Nothing to worry about. I too had diarrhea when I was in my 6th week. My doctor clearly said it's totally normal. So don't worry. Everything will be fine. Have a healthy pregnancy 💖
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Question: It's been 4days I gave birth and I have not had stool but yes I do have urine, is it ok but I need to be scared of becoz of the stool
Answer: Hi, drink plenty of fluids like juices, coconut water. avoid spicy and oily foods.skip foods and drinks that can make worse like citrus fruits, coffee.better to take syrup duphalac 15 ml if you have constipation.go for a walk for better bowel movements if it is uncomplicated delivery.take care.
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Question: I was feeling movement and quickening till last week. From last couple of days I am not feeling any movement . Anything to worry about ? It was not frequently but already 3 to 4 times a day I wan feeling some movement .
Answer: You should drink some luke warm water or some ice cream and lie down on your left side, after some time you can feel the movement. If you don't feel any movement should be consult with a doctor as soon as possible
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Question: I am 9 week pregnant, but have not gained weight but I have reduced it .Is there anything to worry??
Answer: Hi Dear, Congratulations for your pregnancy! If your sonography report is normal then don't worry. Might be due to vometing and nausea your weight reduced. Take care.
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