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Question: I am pregnant with 6week but I am not having symptoms like vomiting I am just having headache

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Answer: Every pregnancy is different so are the symptoms. So it is normal not to vomit. It is better actually. Vomiting and nausea won't let a person eat. Many ladies don't vomit throughout their pregnancy. Please don't take any Medication for headache. Massage with warm oil to subside it. I had 1 week migraine in 3rd month, couldn't do anything but had to tolerate. Just avoid conditions which trigger ur headache.
Answer: Hi.. Dear it is not a problem, it is good that your pregnancy is running smooth, without any difficulty. Take care of yourself, have proper diet and do little breathing exercises. Also, make a scheduled visit to your gynaecologist, even if you are not facing any issue.
Answer: Hello dear. Headache is also a pregnancy symptom if it us happening frequently. And not having pregnancy symptom is absolutely normal the way having those is normal. Even I did not had those and still had a healthy pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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    Munjam Swapna60 days ago

    Thank you so much for your help

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