13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am pregnant with 16 weeks and I have lost my weight with 2kgs and m worried about it

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Answer: Hello dear. Please do not be worried. If your baby is growing fine then loosing some weight is absolutely normal. I also list a couple of kgs during my second trimester but the baby was healthy and gaining weight so gynae said not to worry. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi I am 14 weeks pregnant and i have lost 4kg weight... Is it normal??
Answer: Hi it is very common to loose weight during your 1st trimester because we tend to avoid foods...dont worry it will start to increase in the coming weeks and maybe your doctor may suggest some protein supplies for weight gain
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Question: Hi.. I'm 13 weeks pregnant, I lost 2kgs weight from last months, is it OK??
Answer: Yes it is completely ok in ur first trimester because of nausea and vomitywomen generally looses weight...... slowly u will start gaining weight intake more protein this will help u to gain healthy weight instead of taking fatty things...
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Question: Am 11 weeks pragante my boday is normally thin then again m lost 2kgs... When i get increseing m body?
Answer: Eat food at regular intervals. Eat healthy - fruit, dry fruits, leafy vegetables. It will increase weight
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