Question: hii I am 32weeks pregnant...plz tell me have sex is safe ?

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Answer: sex can stimulate the cervix, and your body's natural chemical to start labor, plus there's increased risk of the penis touching n your water breaking...don't risk it unless you want to deliver pre-term....
Answer: Yes dear..having sex during this period is fine and safe unless u have any complications like low lying placenta etc
Answer: Having sex is safe in both 2nd and 3rd trimester... But u can't have sex in 3rd trimester because of ur bump...
Answer: yes you can have unless your doctor has adviced you not to
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Question: Hii i am 18 week pregnant is safe having sex?
Answer: Congratulations for your pregnancy. Sex during pregnancy may not be safe for women with a history of repeated miscarriages, preterm labor, bleeding, or an incompetent cervix or you have cramps or pain in abdomen or you feel any discomfort after sex . If you dont have the above conditions you can have sex.
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Question: Hii .. I am 14 weeks pregnant.. can you tell me that sex is safe in this stage or not ??
Answer: i think its not safe... y to take risk.. according to me u should have sex at 8 or 9 month because ur vagiana will expand and make way for baby to com out so that baby wont strugle for making itself to com through vagiana... if not u ca n consider ur personal doctor also abt hvng sex.. thank you.
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Question: Hii i am 7 week pregnant.. Is it safe to have sex in 1st trimester?
Answer: Hello! It is better to avoid sex during the first trimester as it is high risk period. You can have it in the second trimester provided there is no complications. However, oral sex is safe through out the pregnancy. Take care
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