6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 6thweek pregnant so should i stop wearing elastic clothes such as pajama's

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Answer: Hi dear there is no such issue in wearing such payjama but u need to make sure it is comfortable and not make u feel suffocate . Baby will not get any side affect with it. Wesr cotton comfortable cloth.
Answer: Hi Dear! You dont hv stop wearing elasticated clothes pls wear according to your comfort dont worrt your baby cushioned well in the womb and doesnt hv any effect of your clothes :).. Good luck!
Answer: No dear U can wear elastic clothes but don't wear too much tight clothes. Wear little loose clothes as it is comfortable for u.
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Question: Hie i am 8th month pregnant running instead of wearing cotton clothes can i wear silk or chiffon clothes???
Answer: Hi dear in 8th month it is very difficult for ladies to manage thier body structure so it get common for then to offend suffer rashes and allergy and due to yang only it is advised to use cotton cloth to stay comfortable with increase size. But if u r comfortable wearing silk n chiffon then it's ur call. U can wear. But don't try wesr it for long.
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Question: When should i start wearing new clothes
Answer: Hello The new clothes or maternity clothes should be worn from your 4th month as that's who your bump is blossoming try wearing comfortable breathable clothes. As your pregnancy progresses you will feel restless so get clothes that ll make u comfortable.
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Question: should i stop wearing panties and legging ??
Answer: As long as u are comfortable,u dont need too..Wear loose panties if possible..
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