11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 10week Pregnant...my started injections..till 3month...can i eat 2 Banana daily.....

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Answer: Yes bananas are good source of potassium n carbohydrates it prevents from acidity n constipation.
Answer: Yes it is rich source of potassium and also helps in relief from constipation problem.
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Question: I am 7 month can i eat banana daily
Answer: Hi! Yes you can have banana daily in pregnancy, there is absolutely no harm it. Banana promotes colon health, It treats anemia, leg cramps and also helps in reducing swelling. Banana is rich in vitamin B6 and Folic acid. Banana helps in digestion and and reduces constipation. It is rich in calcium, protein, energy and carbohydrate. In a word its a wonderful food you can have as small snacks. You can have a whole banana/ Smoothie/ Banan Pan cake many ways to have it. Good luck!
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Question: Am 7months pregnant can I eat daily one banana
Answer: Hello... Yes,you can have banana,it gives you good colon health as it is rich in fibre,relives from constipation, prevents anemia,and also protects cramps happens during pregnancy,it is best to have one banana in a day during pregnancy, will relieve you from pregnancy related health issues..
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Question: can I eat banana in 10week ?
Answer: yes you can eat banana..they promote good colon health, prevents anemia, leg cramps and helps reduce swelling, etc.
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