14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am pregnant my husband and my blood group are same is any problem for baby

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Answer: Hey dear if parents both blood s same it ll not effect in concieving or unborn baby untill ur blood group s Rh negative or ur husband s Rh positive. So ask to ur dr tell her she ll gives treatment according to that .
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Question: Hii... My Blood group is O negative and I have done ICT test and my baby also having Rh negative is there any problem?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear no problem at .Anti d injection is given in situation where pregnant lady and her husband have different rh factors. Like one is positive and other might be negative..so dont worry no problen at all for ur baby.
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Question: Hiiii if the blood group of husband and wife should be same it cause any problems for getting pregnancy plzz anyone who know help me
Answer: No dear it will not cause any problem. Me and my husband's blood group is also same. No need to worry
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Question: Hi I am pregnant for 3 months but my blood group is o-ve
Answer: That's not a big issue darling...!!! Chill and happy pregnancy...❤❤❤
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