34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am 33week pregnant, my hb count is 8.5 and doctor has advised to take blood, shall i go for it or is it risky to take outside blood

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Answer: I mean give ur iron drip
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    Vandana Lalwani1023 days ago

    i m minor thalassemian, thail minor, n dr has not given me any supliments for iron from start

Answer: Y don dey iron by drip
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Question: My hb count is 10.3.. Is it normal or should I go for injection?
Answer: Don't take ny injection. Just eat food that boosts ur haemoglobin like pomegranate beetroot and multi grain aata. U must be having iron capsules too
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Question: My HB is 8.5 only, its my 34th week doctor advised for 3 days injection, 8.5 is bad or what, baby is 2kg weight
Answer: Hi. Yes your hb level.is low. Do as your doctor has asked dear. Also sharing some home remedies to increase the level. To increase haemoglobin you can intake : Apples,Spinach ,Dates,Food rich in Vitamin C as Vitamin C helps in absorption of Iron in our body.,Jaggery,Beetroot,Pomegranate,Whole grain bread,cereals & pasta. Folic acid, a B-complex vitamin, is required to make red blood cells.Keep yourself away from iron blockers i.e.Tea,coffee,liquor,cold drinks.Keep yourself hydrated with 6-8 glasses of water everyday.
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Question: My hb level is 8.5 is it serious i am 8 months pregnant doc suggested me to take iron injections
Answer: Try with pomogranate, leafy veggies, beetroot more in your diet..
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