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Question: I am 8w pregnant. I was travelling yesterday. my flight was of 3 hrs (3.15 -6) and i left home around 12.30 after having proper lunch. but in the evening around 7 i was super hungry. so i ate an apple. but within 15 mins i puked my stomach out since thn I am facing terrible wretching. is there anything wrong or just the hyperacidity?

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Answer: Hello dear It is such a long gap dear.. You could have taken a light snack in between around 3 or 4pm..vomiting are normal in pregnancy.. Drink plenty of water, include as many liquids as you can.. Try buttermilk and coconut water or home made fresh fruit juices, don't take such long gap for the food, eat small amounts at frequent intervals, go for walking in the fresh air morning and evening for 30-45 minutes and proper rest is important
Answer: Hello! This is due to hyperacidity. The gap of having food was too long. You are suppose to have food after every 3_4 hrs gap minimum.. It is important that you immediately consult the doctor once for this too.
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Answer: Hi, Anal itching during pregancy can due to many causes. one of the most common cause is hemarrhoids. Hemarrhoids are swelling of anal veins. worms like pinworms and drinking too much coffee can also cause anal itching. i suggest you to visit your doctor. A physical exam has to be done to confirm the diagnosis.
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Question: Hi..I am 6 weeks pregnant and day before yesterday I was very hungry and ate also but not feeling hungry from yesterday onwards..is the baby is safe or not.?
Answer: Ofcourse your baby is very safe but you should have to eat whatever you like drink more water
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Question: Hi, I'm not getting proper sleep at all. Before few days i used to sleep after having breakfast and afternoon was just relaxing but now i hardly sleep for 30 mins after lunch and night I won't get sleep till 1 or 1:30 am and I get up between 6:30 - 7 am ? Please suggest
Answer: Hello! Insomnia or lack of proper sleep is the most common symptoms in pregnancy and can happens in any trimester. Though it’s not harmful for you neither for the baby but good sleep is needed for healthy body. You can try for, 1. Have a habit of doing meditation and yoga. 2. Warm water bath before bed. 3. Drink Warm milk before bed . 4. Have some fenugreek seeds. 5. Eat bananas regularly 6. Avoid caffeine 7. Reduce stress in life and stay happy Take care
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Question: hi my baby is 6 months old. today I was on travelling I mean delhi to Chandigarh. during the journey I fedhim with 2 times nanpro2. But the moment he reached home he committed..infact whereva he ate he took out everything. soojiki kheer kaddupuree .. lil it of curd. whrthe thing got wrong?? please help
Answer: you should avoid any heavy diet before and during the journey. baby gets uneasy with heavy diet and travelling make them sick and tired. try to be careful from next time. right now nothing to worry. actually it's good baby vomitted now he must be relaxed. give milk only for today from tomorrow give normal diet.
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