23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 23weeks pregnant i loss my weight per month 1 kg

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Question: I loss 1 kg weight is anything problem
Answer: Hi dear. Sometimes the nausea and morning sickness may cause weight loss in the initial months. it will pick up once the morning sickness recedes and you start eating. So no issues, just as long as your blood tests and scans are normal.
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Question: I am 75 kg weight how can i loss my weight tell me i want to loss my weight
Answer: Mommy you are pregnant. Don't think about weight loss now. During pregnancy don't think about maintaining the weight...just take nutritious food for your baby...once you are done wid your pregnancy and after few months you can plan and maintain and reduce your weight. If you don't eat healthy now your baby will get affected because of that. Some tips I can give are. Try to eat small meals for about 5 times a day. Don't eat too many sweets, eat only if you have a craving. Try to have small walks. It's both beneficial for you and baby. Drink lots of water. Take care
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Question: Mam I am 5th month pregnant but my weight loss my weight is 59 kg
Answer: Get your sugar and thyroid test done. Usually these are the reason for weight loss during pregnancy.
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