Question: I am 22weeks pregnant. have done 3d sonography and dr.said absent nasal bone in baby. how much it is critical? can anyone please advise?

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Answer: Hi, we also went through something similar when I was 29weeks with my first child. At our big ultrasound they couldn't detect the nasal bone either, and were referring to it as an "absent nasal bone" which is a marker for Downs. My quad screen listed me at a 1:35,000 chance for Downs, but then this marker bumped it up to 1:100, which was still only about a 1% chance. Everything turned out to be okay, she just had a shorter nasal bone in the end.
Answer: I am 5months pregnant. There is rec'd fish report from the test which I have done for the small Nasal bone of my baby. which is 100% normal. now, still waiting for another final report. anybody knows how many days to get it at my home? how many %of chances to get rec'd normal report? pls reply as I am very tense.
Answer: smtyms the nose is difficult to see bcoz baby is facing downwards, it happnd in our case, but later we were able to see. be in touch with doc to know abt risks.
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Question: In anomaly scan nasal bone is 3.1mm . Slightly shorter nasal bone. Can anyone tell me is it fine or not.NT scan and double marker was good
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