7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 6wk pregnant... had lower back pain and startd bleeding.. is it safe...

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Answer: No..please consult your Dr..
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Question: I had light bleeding back pain and lower abdomen pain is it normal or serious during 5 th week
Answer: Hi Dear! No bleeding is normal in pregnancy however few women experience implantation bleeding when the fertilized egg gets attached to the wall ans it causes some pinkish spotting for maximum 1-2 days. But if you are 6 weeks along implantation bleeding chances are less because it happens after 10 days of ovulation while periods occur after 14 days, so if i get bleeding after 22-25 days its implantation bleeding. (please note the days vary and depends on cycle) In my opinion u should check it with your Dr. as soon as you can. Good luck!
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant I am getting severe back pain and lower abdominal pain... Is it safe
Answer: Hi congrats on your pregnancy , back pain and abdominal pain common during pregnancy time , baby will increasing weight day by day , so your abdomen become stretch so you feel pain in both back and in abdomen . And it is safe don't worry about it , enjoy your pregnancy , Thank you
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Question: Am getting bleeding and lower back pain is it is a sign of miscarriage am 10 weeks pregnant now
Answer: Depend upon how much is it bleeding, please consult hope, I hope everything would be fine
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