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Question: I am 9weeks pregnant. Doctor has asked me to do FTC test.. What is it actually? And is this normal?

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Answer: Fallopian tube catheterization helps open a woman’s blocked fallopian tubes. This improves your chances of getting pregnant. The fallopian tubes carry eggs from your ovaries to your uterus (womb). When sperm meets an egg in a fallopian tube, the egg is fertilized. But if the tubes are blocked, fertilization can’t happen. but in case you are already pregnant it means there is no blockage in fallopian tube. some time it is done to check tubal pregnancy. so hope for the best dear. don't take stress as it will worsen your health. eat healthy and stay fit.
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Question: I am 13 week 1 day pregnant and My doctor has asked me to do NT scan but no Double marker test yet. Is it ok?
Answer: After the NT scan based on reports and if required doctor will ask for double marker test. But there will be gap between the two scans
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Question: I am 7 week pregnant , doctor has asked me to do a USG FPP test . What does it mean?
Answer: Ultrasound is used during pregnancy to checkthe baby's development, the presence of a multiple pregnancy and to help pick up any abnormalities. The ultrasound scan isn't 100 per cent accurate, but the advantages of the test are that it's non-invasive, painless and safe for both mother and unborn baby.
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Question: I am 12weeks pregnant.. Doctor has asked me to do FTS test.. Can anyone say what is it actually??
Answer: First trimestr screening test which include sonography and blood test.
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