26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 25th pregnant..and my cervical length is 3.4cm...it is good or not?

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Answer: Hello dear No, there is no problem if ur cervix length is 3.4 cm. 3 cm and above is ok. Doctor's don't worry much for 3 cm also. Just try having rest as much as possible.Rest is only solution to avoid any complication due to cervix length.
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Question: Pregnant with twins and my 8th week scan cervical length is 3.4cm...is it normal? Or i need to worry?
Answer: Hi dear, you cervical length is little smaller than normal but it will not going to hamper your pregnancy if you take proper vare of yourself. Possibility is there your pregnancy will not going to be full term. You need to take proper rest, don't do heavy households ,don't blend front again and again, try to avoid climbing stairs on a regular basis, maintain a healthy posture, your diet should be rich in calcium Iron and Folic acid and drink adequate amount of water. I hope this will help you, take care.
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Question: My cervical length is 3.4cm at 13week it is noraml?
Answer: Hi,yes as of now the cervical length is normal and there is nothing to worry
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Question: I m 36th week pregnant..my cervical length is 3.4cm and the EFW is 2.7kg+/-400gm...is it okk
Answer: So according ur report ur baby is in healthy condition
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