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Question: Hii i am 10weeks pregnant and have browinsh spotting while i go for urination

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Answer: Please visit your gynac immediately
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Question: Hi...when can I go for Double marker test? I am 10weeks and 1 day pregnant.
Answer: Yes dear U can go for double marker test in 10 weeks of pregnancy. Double marker test is a simple blood test done between 11th and 13th week of pregnancy. Now a days this test is really necessary for everyone during pregnancy to check any down syndrome in foetus.
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Question: I m 10weeks pregnant and have brownish spotting while urinating on and off basis ???is it normal or need to consult gynec plz suggest
Answer: Hi dear, a bit of brown Discharge is normal as basically it's an old blood that has accumulated during implantation that comes out along with the white discharge. Thats why its brownish in color Bcoz it is old blood fresh blood is always red or bright red in colour. So I don't think it is anything to worry till the time it is coming in normal flow. Take care!
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Question: hii am 10weeks pregnant can i do 6 hours journey
Answer: Hi dear Avoiding travels during pregnancy is safe...that too before 3 rd minth travelling is not at all recommended....if its unavoidable do consult gyanocologist whether your condition and babies condition is ok for travel and do take precautions....do not travel without doctor's advice
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