Planning for pregnancy

Question: I am planning for baby this is my first time how can I do

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Answer: Dear plan 4 pregnancy in ovulation period if ur period cycle s of 28 days ur ovulation period ll be 13 to 15 day of period ..count ur period date as 1 day nd then try between 13 to 15 days try it best of luck.
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Question: Hi, I am Planning for pregnancy, can I take Covid vaccination at this time and if so do I need to delay my planning or I can continue my trying for pregnancy.
Answer: Yes you have to delete your planning if you are taking covid vaccination. Covid vaccine is not safe for pregnant women and in case you were pregnant after taking the vaccine dose 1 you will not able to take dose 2. Better delay your pregnancy planning for 3-4 months and take the full course of covid vaccine.
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Question: This is my first month can I go for walk?
Answer: If u are Comfortable and there is no complication in your pregnancy till now you can have worked for 30 to 45 minutes or maximum 1 hour at a stretch. Don't overstress your body unnecessarily.
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Question: This is my first Dr. Didn't advise me what to do at this time such as walking etc. How can i know ]what to do this ti
Answer: Walking is good in pregnancy. Light exercises can also be done but only on the advice of doctor. You can yourself ask the doctor whether exercises are advisable or not.
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