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Question: I am one month pregnant am working women, daily i have up and down only 8 kilometers, can it is safe

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Answer: Hi Dear it is absolutely safe for you to travel as long as you can take care of yourself if you are travelling by a bus please make sure that you sit in a front Rose so that the jerking is less if you are travelling by a card it is absolutely safe there is no problem and especially if you do not have any complication of your doctor has not asked you to be at home or take rest then you can continue with your regular life even if you are pregnant, Jasmine tea in a regular basic hygiene by using hand sanitizer while you are eating out or carry a toilet spray so that you can disinfect the toilet u wil use etc. Hope this helps!
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    D S Rajia119 days ago

    Thank u and why my doctor was given me progestiran tablets and folic acid tablets

Answer: Completely safe. Don't worry. Just a few precautions to be taken like not rushing or running at any point. Be at ease while going and Coming back to work.
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Question: Am 1 month pregnanat, am working women, daily traveling 8 kilometers, it is safe to me
Answer: Hello dear. If your pregnancy is not having any complication then it is absolutely safe to travel during pregnancy. Just be extra cautious of the bumpy roads. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant and I am a working women. Di it safe to travel daily around 24km up and down?. Please advise.
Answer: Hi happy pregnancy u should be very careful up to first 3 months travelling in this time is not good dear
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Question: i am 7th month pregnet now i am a working women daily i am travelling 60kms by cab up and down 60km is it safe and can i continue till 9th month please suggest.
Answer: At this stage it's better to take proper rest and do light work only . it is also good to stay active but too much traveling thn work must be very tiring for your body which is already working 24*7 towards making your baby. So it's better to take a break 😊👍
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