5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am on my 35 days missed period .HCG is positive.when should go to doctor

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Answer: Hi Have you tried the pregnancy kit? Try doing the test at home. Missed period for 45 days indicates pregnancy
Answer: U can visit doc after 40 days.. But be careful.. Take care..
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Question: My hcg 6 days after i missed my period is 280, doctor said it is low. What to do?
Answer: Hi dear, Usually by 6 weeks the HCG levels are above 800-1000. If your levels are low,doctor needs to observe if it is getting doubled in every 2-3 days.if it is doubling then there is hope.else he might inject you with HCG injections.consult your doctor regarding this.
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Question: I missed my period getting pregnency positive result when should i go to doctor
Answer: Hi dear congratulations for the pregnancy if you have received a positive pregnancy result when you can visit your gynecologist now however the first scan of the viability test will be done between 7 to 9 weeks of pregnancy .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi my lmp is dec 28.urine test is positive.when i go to the doctor.
Answer: Hi dear ! Congratulations on u r pregnancy 🙂Once you realized you are pregnant, you can start visiting a gynae to make sure the well being of your little one!
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