1 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am on my 5th week. I have noticed thick brown discharge since yesterday. Im on complete bed rest untill 3 weeks. Is this normal? What causes this?

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Answer: Hi dear! So in pregnancy there shouldn't be any discharge taking place. These brown discharge is when the progesterone gets low and it's just some old blood coming out. So don't worry. You can take a progesterone tablets for this like duphaston but do consult with your doctor before taking this. Take care dear.
Answer: Hello... Dear brown discharge is common in early pregnancy, old blood which is in uterus, but if you have heavy discharge please consult doctor
Answer: Yes this is normal I also face this problem in my starting monthes . Plz googl it to know the causes .
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Answer: Your placenta is now reached to cervix an covering it so that you are getting brown discharge. you should see a doctor. , still some time left in your delivery
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