5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am of 100kg + and 5month pregnant. what type of precaution I must have to take?

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Answer: Dear your weight is very high so you may have to keep the weight in control during your pregnancy. Please include physical activity in your daily routine. I used to walk for 2 hours during the day, 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in evening which helped in keeping my weight under control. You can opt for prenatal yoga under a certified trainer which not only helps in keeping the weight in control but also prepares yourself for child birth. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 6 week pregnant.. And suffering from thyroid 9 month.. So what type of precaution I will take?
Answer: Take medicine on time without skip.. take proper diet. Avoid eating junk and cold food.
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Question: Hi i am 25 week pregnant and i want to know what precaution i must take for upcoming eclipse
Answer: Hello dear.. pregnancy is a wonderful journey every women experiencing in thier life time, during eclipse you have to be careful because it may cause miscarriage or defects to babies,so be precautious to avoid those effect as much as you can Precautions during eclipse Don't handle metal object It is better to avoid handling knife or any metal object during eclipse, because it may cause birth mark on skin of baby Avoid eating during eclipse Please avoid eating and don't drink anything during eclipse time,it may cause indigestion,better to eat or drink before eclipse start Sit on grass It is advisable to sit on tharpai grass, because it has lot of antiinflammatory properties,so that it may reduce bad effects during eclipse Make the room dark You can cover all window and door with cloth,so that rays entering inside will be stopped and reduce negative effects Avoid work during eclipse It is advisable to don't do any work or household activities during eclipse,can do before or after eclipse Sleep during eclipse To avoid inconvenience,you can sleep durinorg eclipse,so that it is better option to take rest and avoid work Bath after eclipse It is advisable to take bath after eclipse,will remove negative effects and it seems essential to do bath Temple visit To get all good effect can visit temple or can perform Pooja at home,so that good things will happen,have food after that is a best practice to do after solar eclipse will give good effect to you and your baby
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Question: I am 21 week pregnant and have prob of placenta previa wat precaution to take
Answer: low lying placenta can move up during the course of pregnancy. You must avoid intercourse and report any case of bleeding to your doctor. In a rare case that placenta does not move up also,  chances of anything bad happening to the baby or mother is very less. Just be careful about episodes of bleeding and please do not have sexual intercourse till you are advised that it is safe to do so.
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