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Question: I am 14weeks now can I eat Brinjal ?

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Answer: U avoid Brinjal during pregnancy because enriched with menstruation- including properties . Due to this properties brinjal may also lead to abortion . So please avoid it
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    Ramya Priya1125 days ago

    Yesterday i had 2. Piece of Brinjal will that affect my baby i am 14 weeks now

Answer: Brinjal is said to be avoided due to its heat producing property according to Ayurveda. But my Gyno told we can have in moderation
Answer: Hi.. it's better not to consume brinjal till you deliver the baby as they have menstruation inducing property.
Answer: Hello! Yes, you can have brinjal in moderation. Avoid too much of consumption.
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Question: Can i eat brinjal now
Answer: Hello No u cannot eat brinjal. Brinjal stimulates mensuration. So should be avoided. Here are other foods you should avoid You should avoid bitter gaurd as it can cause uterine bleeding. Raw sprouts as bacteria can get into the seeds Fish containing mercury like shark Raw or uncooked eggs contains bacteria Cabbage and lettuce they cantain food borne illness Peanuts as they can cause allergies Salad or sushi made in a restaurant Canned food Pineapple and papaya contains alot of estrogin Sausages salami or hot dog contains nitrates Artificial sweeteners Litche contains virus that can cause brain sickness in babies Musk melon or cantaloupe can cause misscarrige
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Question: Can i eat brinjal now
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Brinjals are enriched with menstruation-inducing properties. Due to these properties, brinjals may also lead to abortion. These are also not good as they may cause acidity problems, therefore it is suggested that women should avoid eating brinjal during pregnancy. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Hi doctor I am 17weeks pregnant can I eat brinjal now
Answer: See dear when I was sceptical for food and asked doctor they always says it's fine to have anything in moderate qty but my mom said not to have brinjal during pregnancy. As it can led to miscarriage so I prefer avoiding. I will also advise u to better avoid.
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