36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am now at 35+2 weeks.. Feeling hungrier than even like in 2nd trimester... Is it normal?

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Answer: Yaa, its very normal.. normal to feel hungrier in ghird trimester.. as the baby grow ur appetite el increase.. eat lots of fruits. Dey wl balance ur diet
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Question: I am feeling normal right now this 2nd trimester
Answer: Hello Feeling normal in second seminster is quiet common. As ur body is getting used to the growing baby, the harmones are getting steadier your morning sickness is settling in. You 'll be able to eat better. This is the phase wr u actually begin to enjoy ur pregnancy.
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Question: I have morning sickness.am nt feeling tis at my 2nd trimester.During 3rd trimester is it normal?
Answer: Yes it is absolutely due to to the growth of the baby which cause pressure on the digestive system which can cause nausea , vomiting. Please drink lots of water But if it is excessive and not bearable then you should rule out causes of like vit B12 deficiency, anemia , thyroid disorders
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Question: I am 35 weeks pregnant...from 2 to 3 days now I feel pain in lower abdomen ...is it normal?
Answer: Hello Dear Lower abdominal pain in pregnancy happen because uterus expands, causing ligaments and muscles to stretch it is common as Many experience but it is to be worried as it goes on its own,it sign that your body is preparing to carry baby, and gearing up for change. *Soak in a warm bath *Try relaxation exercises or yoga as prescribed by doctor *Wear loose clothing *tummy massages offer relief *Drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and try to ignore highly processed foods *Rest your legs use a foot rest or low stool when sitting *Be proactive and enjoy the pregnancy to the fullest.
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