14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am now 3 and half months pregnant and i have varginal bleeding please help

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Question: Am 3 and half months pregnant and i have suffering from stomach pain today only and i don't have any bleeding tell me the reason
Answer: Mild abdominal pain is normal during early pregnancy. If it is in upper part it is due to gastritis take some juice or hv plenty of water or digisol. But if it is in lower abdomen its due to hormonal changes and ligament stretching. Don't worry.but if pain is unbearable or with any bleeding or discharge get one USG done And meet ur doctor
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Question: hi doctor I am one and half months pregnant today I noticed small bleeding small bleeding not my baby my baby is ok please answer me
Answer: U better go to doctor, she may give injection to save ur baby
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Question: I am two week pregnant i have littile bleeding please help me
Answer: Hi Dear Firstly no bleeding is normal and has to hv an underlyinf reason it can be a petty reason or big but its importanf fr you to find out and take preventive measures to stop it, at times in early pregnancy due to sustainability issues bleeding happens bur with medication they can be stopped hence its important fr you to see your Dr... Hope this helps!
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