28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am not feeling comfortable in wearing undergarments, especially panties is it ok if I don't wear it?

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Answer: If you feel uncomfortable then don't wear nd not problem It's good for ur baby
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Question: I m 5 months pregnant . I don't wear bra because I am not comfortable with it.Is it ok or harmful.
Answer: Hi Dear! Wearing a bra or not is completely your own call, wearing it supports breasts and helps it remain in a certain shape but if u r uncomfortable and do not want to wear it dont wear and its not harmful anyway just that u experience the sag very soon.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I have discomfort in my vagina . It causes if i wear panties.
Answer: Hello dear, so avoid wearing panty, and keep that area clean and dry. Use big size and cotton panty.
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Question: Hi is it ok to wear panties through out your pregnancy...some of my people are suggesting me not to wear it during pregnancy and i am not at all comfortable without wearing it...plzzz someone tell me what to do
Answer: Hi dear there is no problem if you if you wear panties throughout your pregnancy, rather it is good because you have white discharge during pregnancy which is very normal and common so if you even aware pantyliner with your panti it is good to be good for you only and there is no harmful effect on the baby for wearing panti during pregnancy so please do not listen to these myths.. Hope this helps!
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Question: It is ok to wear panties during pregnancy
Answer: Yes.. It is hygienic.. But wear comfortable ones
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