34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am not feeling baby movement from morning.what should i do to feel baby movement..i am much scared

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Answer: Hi dear,drink cold water and sleep on your left side you can feel your baby movements take care
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Question: I am not feeling baby movement what should I do
Answer: Hello dear. During first pregnancy it is absolutely normal to feel baby movement later. Usually baby movement are felt between 16 to 25 weeks but I felt at the end of 25 weeks. So please do not worry. Very soon you will feel those movement. Hope it helps.
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Question: Earleier feeling baby movement 3 to 4 times a day ,but since last 3 days ,felt baby movement once i morning.what should i do
Answer: Hi dear, Baby movements can vary person to person.usually post 25th week baby movements can be felt.though if the placenta is anterior,you could feel much less,as it comes in between baby and stomach.babies starts setting patterns now.some baby is active during night while some are active during day.not to worry though.any diviation for 3-4 days should be reported.
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Question: I am not able to feel my baby's movement or kick from yesterday, I am feeling scared please tell me the reason
Answer: Baby movements are more than 24 times a day. Some days it might get unnoticed because of your schedule how comfortable and relaxed you are. So if you do not have an everyday schedule to connect with your baby then its important that you set a schedule up to understand movements. Relax, sit in normal position, close eyes, rub your palms and place in both dudes of tummy when lukewarm. Try every morning a wake-up activity for your bub. You will notice strong movements in a few days. You can always go for a non- stress test if you are unable to feel your baby or movements are less than 24. Do not worry.
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