9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am not drinking coffee and tea but drinking milk and also eating dark chocolate 2-3 per day. ....is that fine?

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Answer: Avoid maximum use of.. coffee.. because it contains caffeine. It may increase the chances of miscarriage .. drinking milk is good for health...if ur sugar level is normal u can have chocolates with ur permission of ur doctor.
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Question: Plz tell me.. Drinking tea is good for me.. And also how many times drinking tea per day is good???
Answer: Hi dear, u don't have to stop taking tea it's just that if u have large amount of intake it has caffeine can lead to side-effects like hypertension etc so have normal o green tea but a cup of two. Instead have other things like coconut water , fresh juices.
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Question: Am drinking milk tea twice a day with little amount of tea powder also some time milk coffee with little coffee powder...is their any problem to babe.... Am 17 & 5 day pregnant
Answer: Hi..no problem in taking powder milk dear Powder milk is still rich on calcium and thats very important during pregnancy. Your bones go threw a lot and your baby does to. If this was me I would take it. Maybe it has other vitamins a pregnant woman needs.
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Question: Can i have dark chocolate and coffee? I heard that its not good for baby...please tell me.
Answer: Once or while not for all time, caffeine reduces blood flow to ur baby
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