34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am not able to eat anything. M having 3 meals per day that too very less amount. Pregnancy k shuruwat se hi Kuch bhi ( fruit, dry fruits, milk) khane ka man nai karta tha aur abi b nahi. Now am very much tensed as only few days left out for delivery. Plz suggest something

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Answer: Its normal but have small meals after some time
Answer: Have juice
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Question: I am not able to eat anything.i am only on liquid. Whenever I eat something after an hour it comes out via vomits. And even i am left out hungry many times due to the fear of vomiting.suggest me something for my vomiting and what diet i should follow. My dr is saying it will do if i would not eat i should take 4 litres of liquid per day
Answer: Dear,its very important to take proper diet as u r not alone now.i had the same situation in my first trimester but my gynaec recommended me to eat my meals properly even if i would vomit after that but atleast in that 1hr time my baby will get sm nutrition.i did the same as she told and during second trimester she gave me 2 injection for weakness and to stop vomitings.after that i didn't get any issue.so,have ur meals and talk to ur gynaec to give sm injection to u as u r also in 2nd tri now.best of luck👍👍
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Question: hi I am 33 weeks now. I feel very less moments that too I feel only when I was eat something other then that I won feel any moments. I am not able to feel any kicks also. is it normal??.
Answer: Wat is position of placenta...anterior? As uterus starts really expanding so you may stop feeling movements as frequently. Try drinking lots of water and laying on your left side or drinking some orange juice to see if he/she starts moving around if you ever feel like you aren't feeling enough. Start doing kick counts. You are supposed to feel the baby kick about 10 times an hour. You may not always feel your child moving that much but as long as u can feel movements around throughout the day its is fine.
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Question: Hi..... I'm in 8th month now and I do not feel like eating anything , I left out having dry fruits, fruits and everything..I don't have nausea problem Also ..I always feel like my stomach is full ..only breakfast and small quantity of lunch and dinner I'm taking it daily. people says during pregnancy carving is too much but my case is totally different ...till now I never feel hungry ...Will it be a problem for baby ?
Answer: Yes dear...u have to eat properly to maintain ur health and your baby health...eat small and frequent meals...drink lot of fluids...take fruit juices
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