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Question: I am newly married, Yesterday we had done unprotected sex, will i be pregnant ?

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Answer: Hi.. If you are a woman who has had unprotected sex and who does not want to get pregnant emergency contraception should always be a consideration. However, it depends when you made love, was it your ovulation period. Please do not panic, no one can get pregnant like this, by just having sex once without using protection.
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    Priyanka Mishra451 days ago

    Don't Know about ovulation period, but my last period so started on 25th December

Answer: If it's in the ovulation period then chances of pregnancy is very high.
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Question: Am newly married am i have to sex daily to get pregnant
Answer: Hii u need to wait for ur ovalation period. Work out the length of your average menstrual cycle. Day one is the first day of the menstrual period and thelast day is the day.before the next period begins. Ovulation happens about two weeks before the next expected period. So if your average menstrual cycle is 28 days, you ovulate around day 14. If u have any doubt with the period then u can buy ovalation kit to detect the time period of ovalation . 
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Question: We had 3 to 4 times unprotected there chance of getting pregnant.... Moreover I had one beer yesterday..... Will it affect or not
Answer: If you had sex in your ovulation 6then chances are high that you will get pregnant and 1 beer will not cause any harm dont worry but dont drink again.
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Question: Hi am newly Married... Got married on June.. I have a doubt regarding sex... Should I have to be in relationship daily for getting pregnant... Pls advice
Answer: Hi dear , there is no need to to do sex daily to get pregnant. You have to identify your father is window and doing sex once in a day on this period will increase your chances of pregnancy. If you have regular menstrual period and your cycle is of 26 to 30 days then you expect it ovulation days will be in between 10 to 17 days of the cycle. Doing intercourse in this period will increase your chances of pregnancy. Remember one thing doing intercourse daily on multiple time in a day will in decrease quality of sperm. Hope it helps.
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