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Question: I am 33. My NT scan result cut off risk for trisomy 21 is 1:250. Is this something to worry about?

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Answer: Hi Dear! Trisomy 21 inclines more towards a predictive analysis of downs syndrome, however, to confirm sometimes doctors advise an amniocentesis.. 1:250 is a lower risk but it needs further investigation.. Hope this helps!
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    lunglu kamei759 days ago

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Question: Pls pls rply trisomy 21risk cut off 1:250 Trisomy 18risk cut off 1:100 Neur Al tube defect screening cut off 1.50 Is this normal
Answer: It seems from your report that your baby is at high risk of Down syndrome and Edward syndrome. Please consult your doc. He/ she may suggest you to go for further more accurate tests like NIPT or amniocentasis. These tests will give you a clear picture whether your baby has any chromosomal anamoly or not. All the best.
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Question: The calculated risk for Trisomy 21 is below the cut off which represents a low risk.
Answer: It means the report is normal..there is no risk.
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Question: Need help. Biochem. risk+NT at term 1<10000 (Below cut off) Age risk at term 1: 1167 Trisomy 13/18+NT <1: 10000 (below cut off) Trisomy 21 screening with nt : Screen negative. What does it all mean?
Answer: HI, it means the risk for developing trisomy 13 and 18 and 21 are very low and that test is screen negative meaning its normal. this is a normal result and indicates that the baby doesnot suffer from any chromosomal abnormalities.
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