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Question: I am shaini .my husband is working in army .5 years over after marriage.i have pcod and irregular periods .now i am going to fertility clinic.when husband come for leave i go for i have done iui.but after scanning they ovulation is not happen.when i went home i have stomach pain.i think that i am ovulated that time . whether there is a chance of getting pregnant

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Answer: It mean that u egg get rupture n yes this tym u can get pregnant . When u get Fertile periods(regular periods of 28days cycle), 9-16 days (ovulation tym)than there r more chance of conceiving.
Answer: It depends. Better u consult your gynac and get appropriate tests for confirmation
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Question: Before marriage i have regular period.but after marriage it's become irregular. In usg it is confirmed as to calculate my ovulation day.what is the diet for pcod
Answer: Change ur lifestyle dear first of all. be fit physically & mentally. Exercise regularly to loose weight if u have more BMI.. especially loose abdomen fat..preferably take protein rich foods,avoid processed food. ovulation day is generally 8-18 after period starts but for pcod cases we can't tell until & unless if u get regular first try to get regular period. pcod is related to harmones that's y i said u be fit mentally also. Try to be happy always. After changing lifestyle also if u r not cured, go with hormonal tablets with doctor suggestion.
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Question: Two years ago I went through a normal checkup for irregular periods and found that I have PCOD. Can I conceive without IVF ? If yes how ?
Answer: Hi, it depends upon your reports. you may get your pcod decreased and then u can plan for baby. you should consult doctor as medication and diet both is needed to get it reduced. Take care!
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Question: Whether scanning is safe during 8th week of pregnancy?and whether it will be useful as i heard that we should go for scanning only after 12 weeks?
Answer: Hi. Yes its definetky safe to do. Going for scan doctor would checknwether your baby has heart beay or not? Or baby is in sac or Not. .if you wish you can go on 12th week also. So dont worry.
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Question: I have some doughts ,i am 5 th pregnant now ,today i went for scanning , after scanning scanner told baby has to change the position to do full scanning , pls come tomorrow also ,if is possible in this scanning
Answer: Hi dear 20 weeks anomaly scan is very important to check your baby's all body parts head to toe. If your baby is in such a position where Dr can't see your baby's face, and digits then it is difficult for him to say whether your baby has any problem or not. Thats why he told you to come after one or two day when your baby's position will change. The same happened with my best friend and she went for the scan second time after a week. Don't worry about it ,you can go tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
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