32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 8 months pregnant now, unknowingly i swallowed the dates seed.. Is it harmful to me or baby??

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Answer: No not at all...dont worry
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    Pavithra J96 days ago

    Thank you...

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Question: I am eating alot of fennel seed ( saouf) kind of addicted to it. Is it harmful to the baby?
Answer: Dear eating fennel seeds during pregnancy isn't safe at all. If consumed in excess during your pregnancy, fennel seeds can trigger unwanted side effects for both you and your baby. When I do not get my periods or they are late than usual I drink fennel seeds tea as it can trigger your menstrual cycle which is a big threat to having a miscarriage during this period. So I would suggest you to avoid it completely.
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Question: Go, unknowingly i ate lemon seed. Does it harm the baby
Answer: No dear, it won't just don't worry and enjoy ur pregnancy.
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Question: I am 37 week pergnant i had custard apple but i swallowed the custard apple seed is it ok i am tensed
Answer: You should be fine because although seeds contain harmful properties your stomach cannot dissolve them and will most likely arrive at the other end unchanged if you didnt chew them up. You can call your ob to check too.
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Question: Hi pls some1 suggest me... just now my 8months 2 days baby swallowed orange seed.. am worried about this... shall I move to hosp...?
Answer: Hello, nothing to worry about the orange seed will not harm the baby . If your baby chewing them, you should be aware that like apple seeds and many other seeds they have very low levels of cyanide in them. The human body can easily detoxify small amounts of cyanide so if your baby swallow a couple of orange seeds your baby will not have a problem but eating them in large quantities is not advised. It will come out through potty nothing to worry about. Hope this helps.
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