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Question: i am 6 months pregnant .now my sugar levels is 92 in fasting .is it normal.i m controlling sugar by dieting ...

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Answer: Dear the goal is to keep at or below 95 so yours is doing fine for now. Sharing some of the home remedies to lower ur blood sugar - : 1.) Follow a Diet Schedule 2.) work out 3.) Consumer fiber 4.) Stock Up On Vitamin D 5.) Try Astragalus Astragalus is a traditional herb which is famous for its potent effects on various conditions and is one of the best home remedies for gestational diabetes during pregnancy 6.) Get Help From Vitamin C 7.) Keep A Check On Your Blood Sugar 8.) Control Your Sugar Intake 9.) Be Careful With Carbohydrates 10.) Enjoy A Good Breakfast 11.) Make Some Cinnamon Tea 12.) Have A Sound Sleep Hope it helps.
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Question: I am with gestational diabetes fasting blood sugar is 92 and post break fast sugar is 128..insulin should be taken now or else any remedy? Actually my sugar levels before 2 weeks is 100 during fasting and after breakfast is 135...now I am following diet plan from 2 weeks and my levels or reduced to 92 and 128
Answer: Dear if you are just following diet and your fasting is under 100 and after meal under 140 then you don't need any medication because you are able to control it by diet in last trimester it is really difficult to control by diet then doctors mostly prescribe medication
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Question: can i do dieting in pregnancy for controlling my weight?
Answer: Avoid excessive sugary or fatty foods as these contain empty calories and, although tasty, don't help keep your weight stable.Eat lots of fruit and vegetables with lean meat or fish.Remember that potatoes and bread are not fattening until you put butter on them.Brown or wholemeal bread is more filling than the white variety, as is brown rice compared to white.Alcoholic drinks are best avoided as they are not recommended for either mother-to-be or baby – fruit juice with sparkling mineral water is a good alternative.If you feel an attack of the nibbles coming on, opt for dried fruit and a glass of water, this will help fill you up and avoid constipation, which is a common side effect of pregnancy.
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Question: I am continuing five months of pregnancy.My fasting blood sugar level is 92.Is there any problem in future .
Answer: Hello, gasting and pre-meal glucose levels should be between 60 and 95 mg/dl, and one-hour post-meal readings should be between 100 and 129 mg/dl. I think yours are in range nothing to worry about. Hope this helps.
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