30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 7 months pregnant.My SGPT and SGOT has been high in the liver function test yesterday.Is it anything serious to worry about?

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Answer: Yes this condition is serious take medications and your gynecologist suggested you to induce labour early or else it will affect your baby and make still birth
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Question: I am having itching problem on whole body. What could be the cause & treatment? Is there anything serious in it?
Answer: Ya im dealing with the same problem i applied alvra gel and cocunt oil to get rid of that...when i asked my doc she said its normal in pregancy but u shld not itch just apply suthol or any mostzr or anything like alvera gel or cocunt oil to ease ur itch...
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Question: Am 9weeks pregnant and thyroid stimulating hormone is 6.2IU/ml.its just very mild 0.7 high from the actual range.is it a thing to worry about baby's health nd mine?does it go away after pregnancy? Am very worried about this.
Answer: nothing to worry , go to your gynecologist, she ll give medicine , which will help to reduce it.
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Question: I am having continue sharp pain in left side lower abdomen. Its not so light not so high. Anything to worry about??
Answer: Hlo dear. Don't worry about it. Because the cause of pain is just increasing the size of ur uterus.and the activities inside the ovary.U should take rest at now. Don't do work alot .take some break between the ur work. But if u have sharp pain for long time the u should visit to doctor. And Dr. Gave to some medicine for it. But I suggest take rest and sleep at left side.
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