22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 6 months pregnant.. is pepsi or coke really harmful? and why???

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Answer: Soft drinks contain preservatives which is unhealthy.. moreover it may leads to gestational diabetes as it contains lots of sugar..
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    jammu kala937 days ago

    Don't take black drinks

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Question: Does drinking coke is harmful during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear Try to avoid coke in pregnancy as it contains caffeine. Instead of it u can drink water and juice to keep urself hydrated.
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Question: I always hv craving for coke n pepsi... Can i drink it
Answer: Coke and Pepsi contain Caffeine and are hence bad for you and the baby. Caffeine can cause stress to baby especially in the first trimester. So please try to avoid any caffeinated drinks.
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Question: Kia main coke wagairah drink karsaktiu ... Like thumbs up, pepsi, sprite..and am 18week pregnant
Answer: Avoid it, it's harmful because soda should not be consumed while pregnant
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